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Willard Scott Video Shoot

Gutter Helmet

Green screen video and photo shoot with Willard Scott. Used in a wide variety of print ads and TV spots nation-wide.

Award Pictures with Willard Scott

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet dealers in private photo shoot with Willard Scott. Equivalent of a "school pictures" assembly line shoot.

Head Shots

Pharmacy Services

Outdoor head shots taken for the Pharmacy Services website.

Outdoor Signage


Nighttime shoot of the neon Alfred's sign for use on the front of their menu. Moon was added in post.



Location shoot of Memphis landmarks for the front of the Alfred's menu.

City Hall

City of Bartlett

Photography for a tradeshow display. Traffic was NOT stopped for this shot.

Textured Panel

Gutter Helmet

Client requested a beauty shot of Gutter Helmet installed on a customer's home. Showing the texturing on the product was critical for the shot but difficult to achieve at dusk with a 35mm digital SLR on a 10 foot ladder with no tripod. Sepia effect done in post.

Rod Macro

Eagle Specialty Products

In a market flooded with imitation products, the client wanted to showcase a few easy-to-spot features that make their product unique.

Installation Instructions

Gutter Helmet

Studio video and still photography shoot for use in instructional materials.

Humidity Sensor


Photography designed to show the product's purpose and size. This shot was used in ads placed in several national trade publications.

Dairy Products

Turner Dairies

A small sampling of the vast number of Turner products. Market availability and regional advertising restrictions necessitate different product shoots for most designs.

Obligatory Macro

In-House Use

Just an example of stock photos shot for potential future use.

Ultraviolet Light


Special precautions were taken to photograph this UV-C lamp as this wavelength of UV light can be harmful to the eyes.


Vina Bistro

On location shoot of various dishes prepared fresh from the kitchen.



On location shoot of a product installation. The client requested as many shots with the company logo in frame as possible.

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Eagle H-Beam Rod   Gutter Helmet Cut Away   Precon Humidity Sensor   Turner Family of Products
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Pharmacy Services Head Shots   Willard Scott Green Screen Shoot   Willard Scott Award Pictures    
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Alfred's Club on Beale Street   Bartlett City Hall   Elvis and Handy Statues   Gutter Helmet Location Shoot
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Obligitory Macro   Food from Vina Bistro   Food From Vina Bistro 2   EzFlow Location Shoot
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